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Touch My Mind, Tease My Body

Touch My Mind, Tease My Body

Men and women are different in many aspects and sex is definitely one of them. Most men are visual creatures. Men are initially turned onby what they see physically, and they tend to focus on their favorite part of a woman’s body. On the contrary, we’ve heard time again that women are emotional and think too much. Does this ring true in the bedroom? While women also enjoy the physical aspect of a…

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Get The Look: Easter Fashions For The Family

Get The Look: Easter Fashions For The Family

With Easter around the corner, make sure you’re in your “Sunday Best”  when gathering with family and friends with these simplistic, carefree looks. Pastels will be a big trend this spring, dont hesitate to have the entire family looking sharp this season. Remember, Easter Style equals Spring Fashion.




(Free People Shibori Siren Buttondown Shirt $88 (PIPERLIME.GAP.COM), MOSCHINO…

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Product 101 “Fuzz Off” by Bliss

Product 101 “Fuzz Off” by Bliss

Many ladies have one issue that we normally won’t admit! However, it happens to be physically seen rather we like it or not. So we’re stuck with the decision if we’ll I handle it, deal with it or pretend it’s not there? This problem is called facial hair or unwanted hair in areas that are unattractive.  I came across this product in Sephora called Fuzz Off by Bliss, a company well known for their…

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He’s Not That Into You If…He Doesn’t Dive In

He’s Not That Into You If…He Doesn’t Dive In

There are tons of theories and litmus tests out there supposedly designed to tell you if a man is truly into you. The only surefire way to know is if the man in question, “Dives In.”

By diving in we don’t mean in a sexual manner, but rather diving or delving into your personality, passions, interest, goals, family history, things that make you smile, pet peeves, favorite color, and so forth. If…

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Coming Back better than ever

Coming Back better than ever

photo credit rec'd 4/17/14 Metro Link: being/2014/03...artery-dysfunction/

photo credit rec’d 4/17/14 Metro Link: being/2014/03…artery-dysfunction/

A nervous breakdown may feel as though you’ve hit rock bottom; however the only way to go is up. Whether you walk the road alone or hand-in-hand with loved ones, it’s time to come back to life. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

If there’s nothing you can do about it,…

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Sports News: Lamar Odom Returns To The NBA, But Not The Lakers!

Sports News: @RealLamarOdom Returns To The NBA, But Not The Lakers!

Lamar Odom. 2013. Retrieved on 4/17/2014 from

Lamar Odom. 2013. Retrieved on 4/17/2014 from

The New York Knicks have given Lamar Odomanother chance in the NBA. He inked the multi-year deal with the New York team for the remainder of the season The decision to sign Odom came just before the closing on a disappointing season for the team. Lamar did not play in the…

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